Straight to the Finish

Straight to the Finish

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Straight to the Finish

7 Videos

  • Truck Trouble - 51

    When Amby knocks over tires and worries about getting in trouble, the others share instances of their own mistakes.

  • Trucktacular Truckathalon - 52

    LT has to team up with Mom instead of Dad (Bigfoot) for a race and he earns a new respect for his mom (who is also a good racer).

  • Winner's Circle - 50

    Jose' brags that he's won every race, but his friends remember all the times that he did not.

  • Like Father, Like Son 49

    LT and Bigfoot get caught up doing tricks instead of fixing their automatic gate before their dinner party that evening.

  • Fright Busters - 47

    When Zooey gets scared by LT, Bigfoot takes them both around to show them that there's nothing to be afraid of.

  • Eyes on the Prize - 48

    LT is supposed to be responsible for his father's trophy, the Crushington cup, but loses it when he's not watching it.

  • Moving Truck - 46

    LT misinterprets a conversation and thinks his family is moving. So he and his friends concoct a plan to help him stay in Crushington Park.

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