Rev'd Up and Ready

Rev'd Up and Ready

Meteor and friends engage in exciting adventures at school and home, while learning important Biblical lessons along the way. These monster trucks experience scripture based lessons that apply to their everyday lives. Each episode is full of fun, family and friends as the kids experience life in the town of Crushington Park.

Rev'd Up and Ready

6 Videos

  • Here Comes the Crushmeister - 13

    Meteor is supposed to buy everyone tickets to see Crushmeister, but he gets sidetracked by his friends.

  • The Backwards Race - 18

    Meteor learns how important it is to learn the basics instead of relying on technology, when he accidentally damages one of the video screens he was relying on to win ‘the backwards race’ – a course run entirely in reverse.

  • Meteor's Nightmare - 17

    Meteor has trouble shaking a nightmare he’s had during which Little Tow pushes him into a ditch on the side of the road – and avoids his friend the next day, for fear that his bad dream may come true.

  • Grandpa Was a Moonrover - 16

    Meteor is looking forward to a visit from his hero - his Grandpa, the original moon rover! However, when it becomes clear that Grandpa’s racing and crushing days are behind him, Meteor becomes needlessly worried that his grandfather’s many space stories will bore his friends.

  • Try, Try Again - 15

    Meteor realizes that if he doesn't get something right the first time, it's practice that will make it perfect.

  • Meteor In Charge - 14

    Meteor is put in charge of his friends, but takes all the fun out of their activity by being too controlling.

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