Meteor and Friends

Meteor and Friends

Join Meteor T. Moonrover and his monster truck friends as they learn solid lessons from scripture and have car crushin', mud sprayin' AWESOME ADVENTURES!

Meteor and Friends

6 Videos

  • Race Relations - 01

    Meteor the moon rover monster truck is new in Crushington Park. Will he be able to make new friends?

  • Missing Mom - 02

    When Meteor's mom goes on a mission to the moon, Meteor gets moody. Maybe Meteor's muchachos can make him miss his mom less.

  • Bathtime for Junk Boy - 03

    Meteor manages to help Junkboy get over his fear of water (and soap!) by taking the filthy little garbage truck for a fun-filled trip to Gunkbusters.

  • The Big Sleepover - 05

    Little Tow invites the kids over for a sleepover party the night before a big race. However, the next day, only Amby, who didn’t go to the party, and Pony, who managed to go to bed on time - are rested enough to actually run the race.

  • Teamwork - 06

    Too caught up in his own skills as a racer, Jose fails to listen to Pony, his partner during a race, and as a result ends up belly up in a gunk pond instead at the finish line.

  • The Big Timeout - 04

    Meteor and Jose receive a ‘time out’ for crashing into a very special starting light that was once used at all the big races. While the boys think they’re being reprimanded for damaging the light, they soon realize it was for their lack of teamwork.

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