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Full Season
  • Race Relations - 01

    Episode 1

    Meteor the moon rover monster truck is new in Crushington Park. Will he be able to make new friends?

  • Missing Mom - 02

    Episode 2

    When Meteor's mom goes on a mission to the moon, Meteor gets moody. Maybe Meteor's muchachos can make him miss his mom less.

  • King Krush - 07

    Episode 3

    After watching a monster truck monster movie called "King Krush", the trucks scare themselves into believing that the movie monster is real, and is waiting for them at the school.

  • The Pennant Race - 08

    Episode 4

    Engines get overheated when Meteor accuses his friends of stealing the prized racing pennant given to him by his father – only to learn that he dropped the pennant during an earlier race.

  • Overheated - 11

    Episode 5

    Thinking that Big Wheelie’s latest time-trial race is way too hard for a little monster truck like him, Amby fakes sick by pretending to overheat his engine in order to avoid it.

  • The Big Timeout - 04

    Episode 6

    Meteor and Jose receive a ‘time out’ for crashing into a very special starting light that was once used at all the big races. While the boys think they’re being reprimanded for damaging the light, they soon realize it was for their lack of teamwork.

  • Hang Time - 10

    Episode 7

    The trucks learn a valuable lesson about safety and rules when they enter a restricted area of the junkyard and Meteor is accidentally suspended over the car lot by a magnet and crane.

  • Bathtime for Junk Boy - 03

    Episode 8

    Meteor manages to help Junkboy get over his fear of water (and soap!) by taking the filthy little garbage truck for a fun-filled trip to Gunkbusters.

  • The Big Sleepover - 05

    Episode 9

    Little Tow invites the kids over for a sleepover party the night before a big race. However, the next day, only Amby, who didn’t go to the party, and Pony, who managed to go to bed on time - are rested enough to actually run the race.

  • Teamwork - 06

    Episode 10

    Too caught up in his own skills as a racer, Jose fails to listen to Pony, his partner during a race, and as a result ends up belly up in a gunk pond instead at the finish line.

  • The Truck Who Cried Tow - 09

    Episode 11

    Little Tow intentionally gets his friends stuck in the muck during a game of ‘follow the leader’ so that can tow them out. However, when Little Tow finds himself stuck up to his axles in mud and needs help, his friends fear he’s playing another trick on them.

  • Meteor In Charge - 14

    Episode 12

    Meteor is put in charge of his friends, but takes all the fun out of their activity by being too controlling.

  • Your Name is Mud - 12

    Episode 13

    When Meteor gets stuck in an extra-deep mud puddle and Junkboy thinks it’s his fault – he withdraws, leaving Meteor feeling hurt. It’s only when Junkboy finally admits what he did that he learns he’s not to blame after all.

  • Try, Try Again - 15

    Episode 14

    Meteor realizes that if he doesn't get something right the first time, it's practice that will make it perfect.

  • Grandpa Was a Moonrover - 16

    Episode 15

    Meteor is looking forward to a visit from his hero - his Grandpa, the original moon rover! However, when it becomes clear that Grandpa’s racing and crushing days are behind him, Meteor becomes needlessly worried that his grandfather’s many space stories will bore his friends.

  • Meteor's Nightmare - 17

    Episode 16

    Meteor has trouble shaking a nightmare he’s had during which Little Tow pushes him into a ditch on the side of the road – and avoids his friend the next day, for fear that his bad dream may come true.

  • The Backwards Race - 18

    Episode 17

    Meteor learns how important it is to learn the basics instead of relying on technology, when he accidentally damages one of the video screens he was relying on to win ‘the backwards race’ – a course run entirely in reverse.

  • A Big Hook for Little Tow - 19

    Episode 18

    Little Tow becomes utterly enamored by an old hook of Bigfoot’s that he’s found in his backyard. When the little truck attaches the huge hook in place of his own and is unable to tow one of his friends out of the muck because of its size, LT learns that you can’t rush growing up.

  • Space Rangers - 23

    Episode 19

    Meteor learns that he’s got what it takes to be a great space rover, despite not winning all the races - when Cosmo Starfinder, one of Meteor’s space heroes, runs the trucks through a space camp at school.

  • Top Secret - 20

    Episode 20

    Meteor becomes upset when his friends sneak around on him during a game of hide and seek – only to learn they were being so secretive in order to set up a surprise party for his birthday.

  • A Maze-ing Race - 21

    Episode 21

    Big Wheelie gives the trucks a lesson in following instructions when he sets up a race in a maze with distractions at every turn.

  • Sue The Rooter truck - 22

    Episode 22

    A stinky, bossy Rooter Truck named Sue rubs the trucks the wrong way – until Pony befriends her and everyone learns the value of reaching out to someone who is different from you.

  • On Shaky Ground - 24

    Episode 23

    Pony’s cousin Duke, a slightly older rodeo truck, shows up at Crushington Park School for a visit. When the pair go out for a fun-filled after school off-roading race - Pony learns how important it is to always tell her parents where she’s going.

  • Here Comes the Crushmeister - 13

    Episode 24

    Meteor is supposed to buy everyone tickets to see Crushmeister, but he gets sidetracked by his friends.